Study in Australia

About Australia

  • Country – Australia
  • Capital – Canberra
  • Language – English/Native Language
  • Official Currency – Australian Dollar(AUD)
  • limate – Generally Arid to Semi Arid; temperate in South & East tropical in North

People in Australia are extremely friendly and largely outdoor oriented, involving themselves in a variety of sports. Dignity of Labor is an integral part of the Australian culture, with minimum wages being one of the highest world-wide. People from all strata’s of society, be it a street-sweeper or the MD of a big company, take great pride in what they do. Come study in top universities in Australia through AS Foreign Education – your higher education consultant based in Pakistan.Australia now has around 630,000+ international students from over 140 countries around the world. They are enrolled in a wide range of disciplines at every level of education, including short-term English language courses, bachelor and masters programs right through to doctoral degrees. Whichever course you choose, you’ll experience a unique kind of education. Studying in Australia promotes innovative, creative and independent thinking.

Many students select to study in Australia because of the most popular study destinations for education in the world.


Why Study in Australia?

Australia has strong educational infrastructure and quality life, both of which are relatively affordable.

Earn while you learn: Australia are one of the few countries where overseas students are permitted to work up to 20 hours each week during the academic year and full-time during vacations.

Three and a half times the size of India, Australia has just crossed the 20 million population mark. Australia has the bluest skies, the freshest air, the cleanest water and a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, mangoes, avocados and so on, available throughout the year. Most ‘Ozzie’s’, as they are called, live around the wide coastal area, with the biggest city being Sydney, followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, etc..

Education System

  • After 12th a student can go for 4 years of Bachelor degree or 2 years of Associate degree
  • After completion of Bachelors Degree student pursues Master degree, which is normally of two years duration.
  • After completion of Master degree one can pursue PhD, which may take around 3 to 5 years to complete.
  • Each U.K. College or university sets its own admission standards for admission of International students. U.K. colleges and universities usually base their admission decisions on a student’s academic records and applicable test records such as TOEFL or IELTS or SAT. If a student applies for graduate schools then additional exam scores like GRE or GMAT will be required.

Institutes In Australia

  • RMIT University
  • University of Ballarat (Regional)
  • Bond University
  • Charles Sturt University (Regional)
  • Curtin University of Technology
  • Edith Cowan University
  • James Cook University (Regional)
  • Latrobe University
  • Murdoch University
  • University of New England (Regional)
  • University of New Castle
  • Charles Darwin University- Darwin (Regional)
  • University of Sunshine Coast (Regional)
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • University of Tasmania (Regional)
  • University of Wollongong
  • Canberra University, Canberra
  • Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), Canberra
  • Southern Cross University- Sydney & Main Campus (Regional)
  • USQ Sydney Campus
  • William Angliss Institute of TAFE
  • Box Hill Institute of TAFE
  • Chisholm Institute of TAFE
  • NMIT
  • Holmesglen TAFE
  • Kangan Batman TAFE
  • Gordon TAFE (Regional)
  • TAFE Tasmania (Regional)
  • Southbank Institute of TAFE in Brisbane
  • Blue Mountains Hotel School, Sydney
  • Billy Blue Group offering Cookery and Hospitality in Sydney
  • Holmes Institute in Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane
  • TAFE NSW all TAFEs of NSW in Sydney (Regional)
  • MIT Melbourne and Sydney Campus delivers University of Ballarat Programs
  • IIBIT Adelaide and Sydney Campus deliver Uni of Ballarat Programs
  • Auston Melbourne Institute (AMI Melbourne ) @ UOB Melbourne Campus
  • Gold Coast Institute of TAFE in Gold coast.
  • Australian Technical and Management college (ATMC) @ UOB Melbourne Campus
  • ACN Latrobe University Campus in Sydney
  • Carrick Institute of Hospitality in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Sydney International College in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Sunraysia TAFE in Mildura near Melbourne (Regional)
  • ASTHM Perth
  • Headmasters Academy in Melbourne
  • Cambridge International College in MELBOURNE, PERTH, ADLAIDE
  • The Hotel School in Sydney
  • Ozford College in Melbourne for Cookery
  • Education & Training International: All TAFES IN PERTH
  • Murdoch College Perth
  • PIBT ie Perth Institute of Business and Technology
  • SIBT in Sydney
  • QIBT in Brisbane
  • SAIBT in Adelaide
  • MITH Melbourne Institute of Tourism and Hospitality
  • MIE ie Melbourne Institute of Engineering
  • Brisbane North Institute of TAFE
  • Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE
  • Perth Institute Western Australia
  • AISA, Adelaide Institute in Adelaide
  • Navitas College of Public Safety, Melbourne – VIC
  • Navitas Careers Solutions, Sydney – NSW
  • Curtin International College (CIC), Perth
  • Perth Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd. (PIBT), Mt Lawley (WESTERN AUSTRALIA)
  • Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (MIBT), Buwood – Melbourne, Victoria
  • Queensland Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (QIBT), Mt Gravatt, Queensland
  • South Australian Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (SAIBT), Adelaide – South Australia
  • Sydney Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (SIBT), North Ryde – NSW
  • Eynesbury College, Eynesbury Institute of Business and Technology, Adelaide – South Australia
  • The Sydney Campus of Curtin University of Technology, Sydney – NSW
  • Australian Campus Network (ACN), Sydney – NSW
  • Macquarie City Campus, Sydney – NSW
  • ACL, Sydney –NSW
  • Australian College of English and ATTC, Bondi Junction – NSW
  • Australian College of Applied Psychology, (Sydney – NSW, Brisbane – QLD, Melbourne – VIC)
  • Hawthorn, Melbourne
  • Australian Institute of Technology & Education (AITE), Melbourne
  • Victorian Institute of Culinary Arts and Technology (VICAT), Melbourne
  • Brighton Institute of Technology, Melbourne
  • Yorke Institute, Malbourne
  • Imperial College of Technology and Management (ICTM), Melbourne
  • South Pacific Institute, Melbourne
  • Gurkhas Institute of Hospitality and Management, Melbourne
  • Australian Institute of Technical Training (AITT), Melbourne
  • SAE Institute , Perth
  • The Kings School, Sydney NSW
  • Kings International College, Gold Coast and Brisbane
  • The Ashmark Institute of Australia, Melbourne

Required Tests

For admission into any level of programs, IELTS is required for admission and for visa purpose as well.

For Master’s level programs in Sciences, Engineering and Education this is the only requirement. Unlike the US, a score in GRE is not required. At the same time, some universities prefer applicants with a GRE score.

However, for admission into MBA programs, decent GMAT score, in addition to IELTS and relevant work experience of at least 2-3 years is required along with good academic background.

Cost of Education

The average tuition fee for different programs can be: (AUD  per annum)

Diploma 7,000 – 11,000
Bachelors Degree 9,000 – 15,000
Masters degree 10,000 – 22,000

Important Dates


Student Visa Process

Process to obtain Australian Student Visa for international students Any person who intends to undertake full-time study in a registered course in Australia needs to obtain a Australian Student Visa. A Student Visa permits the holder to travel, enter and remain in Australia for the duration of the registered course of study. Overseas students cannot undertake part-time study in Australia and must leave Australia on completion of their course of study.

Student Visa Processing

Student visa applicants from Pakistan is required to undergo a Pre-Visa Assessment (PVA).


Persons wishing to study in Australia should apply on form 157A and pay the current visa application charge.

Documentation to submit with your application:

  1. Six recent passport-size photographs for each applicant
  2. Supplementary Questionnaire to Form 157A
  3. Completed ‘details of relatives’ form
  4. All original education documents including all mark sheets for Degrees
  5. IELTS test results
  6. Changes to the student visa regulations require varying evidence of funds dependent on the subclass of student visa applied for. Applicants should show funds and (income that support these funds) enough to cover, course fee, and living costs in Australia (AUD 18,610 pa) as well as amounts covering other family members. For details relating to the specific financial evidentiary requirements for each subclass
  7. Affidavit of support from the person providing financial support
  8. For applicants below 18 years of age, details of arranged guardianship in Australia plus an affidavit from the student’s parents agreeing to the guardianship arrangement
  9. Bank statement from the person(s) providing support outlining transactions for the past 6 months

Success Stories


Steps to Apply

  1. Admission Process
  2. Visa Process + Embassy Interview
  3. Fee Transfer
  4. Visa Successfully Received
  5. Fly to Destination